Web Hosting

Our Web Hosting product includes; hosting a single Domain name, Business Class Hosting and Email.
Includes 24/7 Email, chat and Toll Free support.

Business Class Hosting

Multiple Web Tools to help develop a professional website.

  • Tools that help you host, manage and publish your website online 
  • Mobile formats
  • Easy drag-and-drop tools to help you build a website quickly, or options for more advanced, custom builds 
  • Mobile web publishing and web management

Web-Based Business Email Services

  • Email from a proprietary system with built in virus scanning and spam filtration software
  • Support for all standard mail settings, operating systems and devices
  • Abundant storage for websites and multi-GB Email boxes
  • Built-in stability, continuity and system redundancy
  • 24/7/365 monitoring by a highly-specialized systems administration team.

Online Marketing Tools

 E Commerce

  • Templates for sending professionally designed Emails and newsletters
  • Social media integration and sharing

  • Easily Manage Your Web Hosting Accounts
Achieve load balancing for maximum performance

Protect end users' privacy with security tools

Manage your services from an easy-to-use, web-based control panel

Add features or upgrade as your business needs change.

  • Other Features
  • Easy website design and publishing, and hosting online
  • Free Email marketing tools
  • Business Class Email packages with multiple seats and large storage capacities
  • Extensive website storage
  • Website data transfer up to specified thresholds
  • Support for popular, open-source MySQL database coding as well as Microsoft® MySQL coding
  • Social media page tools for Facebook® and Twitter® integration
  • Custom Email and newsletter communications for a specified number of contacts.  




Web Hosting